Titanium foils

Patient-matched Titanium Foil

The patient-matched titanium foil allows us the possibility of custom regeneration when only 3-wall gains are required, in cases of implants with exposed threads, post-dental implants, peri-implantitis. Its use is not recommended in case of vertical gains due to the impossibility of three-dimensional sealing, a function that does meet a barrier. This device is made of grade 1 or 2 titanium, which corresponds to completely pure titanium, with a high degree of memory for its manufacturing process, so it is recommended to fix it with osteosynthesis screws (1.2 mm diameter sufficient), such as the video shows.

Img patient-matched titanium foil Img patient-matched titanium foil top view

Standard Titanium Foil

Img standard titanium foil Img standard titanium foil top view

Pure titanium foils. It does not require CAD-CAM technology, since it is not a custom device. Just as effective as the patient-matched titanium foil. Recommended for bone defects with the absence of up to three walls.

Standard Titanium Foil

Patient-matched Titanium Foil



ISO 13485

Pure Grade 1/2 Titanium

Full traceabilit

Screws included (2 screws)

Requires TAC

Virtual Planning (includes hardware drilling)

Device manual

Biomodel included